Friday, June 01, 2007

Actions Have Consequences

When you flip flop on an important bill of rights for workers, don't be surprised when you are held accountable by those you have betrayed. Liberals Defeat Anti Scab Law

Dion heckled off stage at Ottawa labour rally

The hecklers chanted "anti-scab, anti-scab" in reference to Dion's withdrawal of Liberal caucus support nearly three months ago for legislation banning the use of replacement workers during strikes in federally regulated industries.

HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - A Hamilton steelworker has played a lead role, in booing Liberal Leader Stephane Dion off the stage during a big labour rally on Parliament Hill.

Dion was trying to speak to several thousand unionized workers, who turned out in Ottawa to protest job losses in the manufacturing sector.

He never finished, loudly booed off the stage as Hamilton's Jake Lombardo accused him of double-speak and held him to account for the Liberal Party's stand against anti-scab legislation.

The rally comes on the heels of the closure of Hamilton Specialty Bar, and the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs in Hamilton alone over the past year.

Lombardo adding that Dion also can't escape his government's record on the issue, insisting that the Liberals did nothing while in power.

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janfromthebruce said...

Hamilton's Jake Lombardo was being 'undemocratic' when he booed Stephen Dion in some of the blog circles.
Of course, what must one do when their livelihood is threatened or taken away?
I know, write a nice letter to an MP, or sign a protest letter, or just keep it quiet-like among your pals in the union.
Or do you shut it out publically and let everyone know that the party who says are a 'big tent' is NOT a big tent. What do you think?

Erik Abbink said...

I see you like my YouTube contribution :)


eugene plawiuk said...

Yes I do thanks I was looking for the one at the Globe and Mail but it has disappeared.

Erik Abbink said...

It's still there: