Thursday, March 22, 2007

Liberals Defeat Anti-Scab Law

Whether in government or as the Official Opposition the Liberals have once again shown their true colours. They defeated the Bill C-257 the Anti-Scab law.

Not the Conservative government, the Liberals. Who flip flopped, having promised to support the private members bill, Dion in the last two weeks changed his mind and said the party would not support the law.

Again the boys from Bay Street pull the strings of the Liberal party.

Progressives should remember this.

Since the Liberals have defeated Anti-Scab bills every time they have come before the house over the past 14 years.

For a breakdown on how they voted see Uncorrected Proofs.

Interesting side note that there is no press coverage of this at Google Canada Top Stories.








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Dr.Dawg said...

Couldn't have put it better myself. I tried, though. :)

Mark said...

They promptly committed to a new version of the bill... one which protected essential services.

I realize that compromise is a very distasteful concept to many of you, but at some point that's how you move forward.