Friday, June 22, 2007

How Do You Spell Monopoly

T E L U S. The former publicly owned phone company of the Province of Alberta was created because Bell Canada would not expand into Alberta at the beginning of last century.

The Edmonton Phone Company. EdTel, was formed because neither Alberta Government Telephones, AGT, nor Bell Canada would provide services to Edmonton. Over a decade ago it was sold off at a fire sale price by the city to its old nemesis the predatory AGT now privatized and called TELUS.

It was announced that the privatized Telus, which now includes Ed Tel as well as B.C. Tel, is preparing a take over bid of Bell Canada; BCE. How the wheel turns.

All this privatization of public enterprises was to end their 'state monopoly' and create 'competition'. So instead it creates privatized monopoly and reduces competition.

We are so much better off now. Except we sold the farm and now we buy back our milk and eggs.


Monopoly Capitalism in Cyberspace





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