Friday, June 22, 2007

Bowser A Terrorist

It's true. Air Canada taking advantage of the Conservative Governments No Fly List, has declared pets as a potential threat on airplanes. No really. No more traveling with bowser unless you ride the dog.

Air Canada has declared its aircraft no-fly zones for pets.

As of next month, animals will no longer be allowed aboard any Air Canada flights.

While the airline barred pets from aircraft cabins last September, the restriction now applies to the baggage compartment as well.

In a letter sent to the Canadian Transportation Agency on Wednesday, the national carrier said, "please be advised that Air Canada will cease the carriage of pets as checked luggage on domestic as well as international routes [including transborder routes], as of July 15, 2007."


State Security Is A Secure State

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Mike said...

Come on, this could be a real danger and air Canada is saving us. I mean, what if your pet was a Boa constrictor, or a Python?

Snakes on a Plane!?!

I think not...motherfucker...

Anonymous said...

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