Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stelmach Tanks

After the blow out in Calgary Elbow the Stelmach government tries to make amends by appointing three more Calgarians, and one Edmonton MLA who is Ukrainian and a popular a former Liberal, to cabinet.

To add insult to injury they are not even real cabinet ministers, they are mere 'associates'. You know like WalMart Associates.

Unfortunately it is too little too late.

Honeymoon Officially Over For Stelmach Government

CALGARY/AB--(Marketwire - June 23, 2007) - A new Ipsos Reid poll finds a substantial decline in support for the Ed Stelmach-led Progressive Conservatives. The Progressive Conservatives currently have the backing of 47% of Alberta's decided voters, down 12 points from 59% just two months ago (April). This returns the Progressive Conservatives to the same level of voter support they achieved in the 2004 Alberta provincial election. In fact, all four major parties have returned to exactly where they stood in the last election. Among decided voters, 29% say they would vote Liberal, 10% would vote New Democrat and 9% would vote for the Alberta Alliance Party.

A look at voter support by region produces some telling results for the Progressive Conservatives. In Calgary, Stelmach's party has the support of 42% of decided voters. This is a decline of 8-points from the 50% support the Progressive Conservatives achieved in the last election. In contrast, the Progressive Conservatives are up 12 points in the Edmonton CMA (47% today vs. 35% in election) and up 2-points in the rest of Alberta (53% today vs. 51% in election).


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