Tuesday, July 03, 2007

He Can't Manage

Alberta CEO Ed Stelmach leads his party in decline. He can't manage a simple job, that is to provide good governance. Instead he and his cabinet rely on tired old neo-con ideology to deny Albertans responsible government; like they have over rent controls. Which has led to this.

The Alberta Progressive Conservative party's approval rating has fallen to 39 per cent from 54 per cent in September 2006,
according to a Leger Marketing poll being released today.

This is no longer the Party of Calgary, Eddie has alienated them. This is the party of special interests like Real Estate Income Trusts and Big Oil.

A month after Alberta's finance minister fretted that raising resource royalties could reduce the billions fuelling the province's treasury, Premier Ed Stelmach told energy producers the ongoing royalty review must restore public confidence in the system's fairness.

CAPP president Pierre Alvarez said despite the frustrations voiced during the Tory leadership race, few regular Albertans have turned out to the public meetings for the royalty review.

"What's struck me is when you go to the (public meetings), 80 per cent of them are industry and service companies," said Alvarez.

Energy Board bars MLA

down in Rimbey, our elected representatives can't get their foot in the door of a so-called public hearing into a new Calgary-Edmonton transmission line run by the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board.

Even worse, the AEUB admitted it hired plainclothes private eyes to blend in with the crowd and spy on protesting farmers barred from the proceedings.

Unbelievably, Stelmach saw nothing wrong with the public energy regulator's spying on Albertans involved in a public hearing, citing security reasons.


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