Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pay 'Em What They Want

'Disaster' if paramedics walk off the job

If it's a disaster then pay the workers what they want. They have not had a contract for a year, which saved Calgary money.

It's a boom economy, let's see some of the Alberta Advantage spread around. Instead of course Stelmach will try to appease Calgary by lowering the boom on these workers with illegal no strike legislation.

Alberta government blocks a paramedic strike

The paramedics are NOT deemed an essential service, until today. It isn't going to help Stelmach's falling poll numbers in Calgary.


Molsons Strike

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robert mcbean said...

its nice to know that in alberta a "public emergency" does not require the legislature to be recalled. i sometimes wonder why alberta even has a legislature.

eugene plawiuk said...

To give the appearance of democracy, like the Duma in Russia under the Bolsheviks.