Sunday, July 01, 2007

Whose Canada?

It is Canada Day and as usual the Dominion Institute (named after the British colonial designation; the Dominion of Canada) issues another poll and press release on how Canadians do not know their Canadian history. That Canadian history needs to be taught in schools, Canadians should have to take a national citizenship tests. Etc. etc. etc ad naseum.

This should be expected when we are taught a safe and sanitized history of the founding of Canada and its gradualist evolution towards parliamentary democracy of Peace, Order and Good Government.

Overlooking the fact that there were rebellions and uprisings, calls for a different kind of Canada, one that so scared the British lords that they kept us under martial law, and British Parliaments thumb until the turn of last century. The POGG ideal makes history booooring.
Of course Canada has another history, one not written by the Masters. A Peoples History not a Dominion History.

Some contributions I have made to this social history of Canada I offer here;

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