Sunday, November 12, 2006

Psychedelic Saskatchewan

There are series of new academic papers and a documentary film published by U of A researcher Erika Dyck on the Weyburn Saskatchewan LSD experiments done in the fifties and sixties.

LSD finds new respectability

Old research on LSD treatment for alcoholism gets new look ...

LSD & Alcoholism Treatment: Saskatchewan Alcoholism Treatment with LSD

'Hitting Highs at Rock Bottom': LSD Treatment for Alcoholism

Long-forgotten LSD treatment might aid alcoholics start a trip to recovery

The Weyburn experiments along with later research by Leary, Albert, etc. proved LSD was a useful and safe drug.

It had to be safe or of course the CIA would never have used it. However the CIA planted stories in the press about LSD suicides, LSD users going blind staring at the sun, all of which were fictions like WMD in Iraq.

In Canada and the US counter studies were used to 'prove' LSD was harmful. Of course as most LSD users and researchers know it is all about the 'setting'. If you are in a secure comfortable setting you have a good trip. Being strapped down and tortured of course would create a bad trip.

The Saskatchewan results were soon attacked by institutions including the Toronto-based Addiction Research Foundation. It argued Osmond's research, in which subjects were given LSD in comfy surroundings and stimulated with art or music, was poorly designed and proved nothing. In contrast, the foundation sometimes blindfolded or restrained its LSD test subjects to isolate the effect of the drug. It failed to reproduce the Saskatchewan results, a finding that, combined with growing social concern about LSD, eventually led to the end of research into such therapy.

Well of course they failed, they deliberately did not use empirical research to 'duplicate' the experiment. They used a different technique, one closely resembling torture, to disprove the Weyburn experiments. They of course had an agenda, one that was anti-LSD and thus anti-scientific.



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