Friday, August 24, 2007

Lotto Flashback

I read this headline and thought I was having a flashback.

Fired Lotto Corp. boss given controversial payout

The former president and CEO of British Columbia Lottery Corp. has been awarded more than $600,000 in direct severance, months after he was fired over an Ombudsman's report that raised concerns about policing retailers selling tickets.

The bulk of Vic Poleschuk's severance is a $412,500 payout in salary over 18 months that he is entitled to under the terms of his 1999 employment contract.

But the agreement also includes a $144,375 performance bonus equal to 35 per cent of his base salary over 18 months.

And there are other items, including $19,800 in car allowance for Mr. Poleschuk, who spent 22 years with the company, including nine years in the top job, before the board decided in June that he was not the leader to deal with the fallout from the Ombudsman's report.

In Canada crime pays. At least White Collar crime, anyway.Of course it helps when the criminal is the guy in charge of the governments gambling addiction.


Corporate Crime

White Collar Crime

Criminal Capitalism

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