Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mulroney The Worst Canadian PM

Blogging Tories admit they rigged the Worst Canadian Poll at the Beaver Magazine; making sure that PET was named the Worst Canadian.

Of course they did since everyone knows the worst PM in Canadian history was Brian Mulroney.

Mulroney was selected as the worst prime minister for 21 per cent of respondents, followed by Chr├ętien with 17 per cent, Harper and Trudeau with 14 per cent each, Campbell and Martin with eight per cent each, Clark with four per cent, and John Turner with two per cent.
The Greatest Canadian of course was Tommy Douglas.

And my choice for Worst Canadian(s) did not win.

Nor did the Mad Trapper of Rat River.

I wouldn't give a plugged nickel for the Beaver on-line poll especially since the magazine was founded by the Hudson's Bay Company, now a wholly owned American subsidiary.

The magazine is the voice of 'Canadian establishment' historians. Duh' Oh.

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