Monday, January 30, 2006

Canadian Nationalists Weep

The crying and gnashing of teeth you here is the sound of Canadian nationalists bemoaning the sale of Canadian cultural and economic heritage icons.

The Hudsons Bay Co., whose HBC blanket colours are the official colours of Canada's Winter Olympic team,.

And Fairmont Hotels the privatized former CN Hotel Chain which includes the great rail hotels like the Banff Springs, Lake Louise and The MacDonald hotel in Edmonton.

Yep they have been sold off to the highest bidder, in the case of HBC to an American vulture venture capitalist, and in the case of the Fairmont Hotel Chain to a Saudi Prince.

Now before folks started dribbling tears of national grief over their beer, don't forget that Labatts is owned by the Belgium Interbrew and while Molsons remains Canadian owned its shareholders includes the Coors family.

And while the picturesque Mountie in the Mountains picture is one of our familiar icons today the Disney chain owns the rights to all promotional materials for the RCMP.

Welcome to neo-liberal globalization. Whatever can be sold off will be sold off. Heritage, whats that? Remember all those little flags Shelia Copps gave out were made in China.

Next time the Fraser Institute or the Conservative hacks talk about neo-liberalism, free trade, and pirvatization is good for Canadian business remember business is global. Not national. What ever isn't nailed down will be sold! And of course Canadians and Canadian workers don't benefit its Canadian capitalists and corporate bosses do. And when it comes to capitalism, money knows no nation.

Fairmont's Fatt sees no counterbidders; praises Icahn
Reuters - 2 hours ago
William Fatt, chief executive of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts (FHR.TO: Quote, Profile, Research), said he's not expecting counterbids to the agreed $3.9 billion offer ...
Palliser, Chateau Lake Louise part of Fairmont sale CBC Calgary
Fairmont finds white knight Globe and Mail

Hudson's Bay bows to Zucker's new C$1.5 bln offer

Throwing in the pelt
Edmonton Sun, Canada - 2 hours ago
... An assistant management trainee for the Hudson's Bay Company trading furs for groceries in a remote outpost of the world's oldest company. ...
Canada bemoans loss of Hudson's Bay Co New Zealand Herald
Canada Losing A Piece of Its Past Washington Post
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