Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nude Newz 8/07

Stripping off due to Climate Change. And as usual guys who just like to strip off and jog, climb, etc.
Hundreds of People Pose Nude on Switzerland Glacier to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

FOX News - 18 Aug 2007
The photo shoot by New York artist Spencer Tunick, famous for his pictures of nude gatherings in public settings worldwide, was designed to draw attention ...

At least they didn't fall off the Glacier.

Nude rock climber falls
Elmira Star-Gazette, NY - 20 Aug 2007
Steven Diehl of Willowstreet, Pa., was spotted climbing nude near the state Welcome Center along Route 15 around 1:50 pm Sunday. State Police patrols who

And if you don't have a Mountain around how about a back wood lot.
Nude protest organized by creepy man with no interest in climate change
NewsBiscuit (satire), UK - 20 Aug 2007
Since he was unable to travel to an Alpine Glacier or the North Pole he proposed that the mass nude protest take place ‘in the woods near my house. ...
Jogging Nude can be a religious experience. But not all religious sect accept that. In this case a protestant in Mormon Utah attacks a Catholic for accepting African cultural norms.

TORKELSON: Nude jog no help to Catholic image
Rocky Mountain News, CO - 19 Aug 2007
Here's a surefire way to scatter the flock on a Sunday morning: Just walk up after Mass and ask folks what they think about their pastor being caught jogging naked

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