Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Harpers War Costs Another Canadian Life

Harpers War

Body Count: 63

71 Canadian soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan since 2002. True but the vast majority have been killed since March 2006 when it became Harpers War.

And we still don't have an accurate total count of troops who are injured. That has not been released by the Department of Defense.





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Stephen said...

While I agree with you that Harper has taken ownership of this war politically speaking, we shouldn't forget the Liberal role in launching this mission in the first place, nor exaggerate the policy differences between those parties on this file.

The op-ed that appeared under Maxime Bernier's name in the National Post this week could have easily been written by Bill Graham when he was Defence Minister of the Liberal government.

Indeed, arguments put forward by Conservatives today in defence of the war are nearly exact copies of arguments put forward by Graham, Dosanjh, and others in 2005 and even well into 2006, including during the 'extension' vote.

The Liberals are today trying to pretend our foreign policy in Afghanistan was taken in some radically new direction by Harper, who 'secretly changed' (Goodale) the original, benign mission into a nasty, Bush-style affair.

Such claims (not that you're making them) are, to me, not credible: in origin and substance, this war is as much Paul Martin's as it is Stephen Harper's.

Unknown said...

It pains me to think that the sacrifices of soldiers like Cpl. Hornburg will be in vain if we don't bring 'good governance' to Afghanistan. I supported entering into Afghanistan, but I wonder can we bring 'good governance' and help the Afghan people help themselves. We lost some young men from the small town I grew up in last year. Over a thousand people came to support the families. These men gave everything! They gave everything in vain if we forget our prime objective and our government turns this struggle into a political tool. Sorry I feel so sick and confused about this.

Unknown said...

Stephen put away your Conservative card and have a heart for a change! It is people like you who are turning this into a struggle to support the Conservatives rather than focus on our objectives to help the Afghan people.


Thanks for the reasoned and reasonable argument so rare from the right. Yes the Liberals set in motion the Afghan war. And left it in abeyance during the 2006 election.

Thus the Haprocrites inherited a policy in limbo. Between Kabul and Kandahar. However that being said it was Harper who decided on expanding the operation in Kandahar, and in fact not only expanding it, but using it to completely efface any remembrance that once upon a time we were like the majority of NATO forces enforcing peace and parking tickets in Kabul.


well spoken however I think Stephen has actually put away his party card, by omission if not commission.

Mike Davidson said...

Stephen put away your Conservative card and have a heart for a change!