Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stelmach Sells Out

Uh oh prepare for a sell out by Prince Ed. He has appointed Ron Stevens to oversee reactions to the Royalty Report , the most negative coming form the self interested oil tycoons, and he announced in Toronto that any decision will be in favour of big oil.

"I've promised Albertans a royalty regime that is fair to the companies who are investing billions of dollars to develop Alberta's resources," Stelmach said, according to a text copy of his speech.

Ron is also Minister responsible for the Oil Sands Secretariat, so the deal is sealed.

Rick Bell commenting in the Calgary Sun wonders too if Prince Eddie will take on the dragon of big oil, and has his doubts.

Now, Premier Ed has this panel report. Those in Big Oil's culture of entitlement who cry catastrophe but still strut the flash-the-cash attitude downtown won't surrender a copper, reminding the Tories who wags the dog.

Big Oil wring their well-manicured pinkies in front of Deputy Premier Ron Stevens, a Calgary lawyer who hears more blues than in the old days at the King Eddy.

Energy Minister Mel Knight, the Spymaster, so named because of the Energy and Utilities Board's hiring of private eyes to spy on citizens opposing a power line, has his deep thinkers give the panel report a look-see.

Those numbskulls couldn't do the math on the existing royalties. Beautiful.

NDP Leader Brian Mason likens the move to handing over the keys of the new locomotive to those who have been asleep at the wheel.

No matter. It comes down to Ed. Does he have the guts to be the leader for all Albertans or is he just the latest dude along for the ride willing to risk a train wreck?
Since Ed wants to hear from all Albertans make sure he hears from you.


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