Thursday, September 06, 2007

John Tory Sees Flying Spaghetti Monster

This is scary. Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory thinks that a creation myth is equivalent to the scientific theory of evolution.

The Conservatives have pledged to give private religious schools $400 million if they opt into the public system, teach the provincial curriculum, hire accredited teachers and administer tests, Tory said. The funding would not prohibit Christian schools from teaching creationism on top of the existing provincial curriculum, he added.

"It's still called the theory of evolution. They teach evolution in the Ontario curriculum, but they also could teach the fact to the children that there are other theories that people have out there that are part of some Christian beliefs."

He has confused empirical theory with metaphysics.

This is of course understandable since the word physics appears in the latter. Which has nothing to do with science but refers to the physical world.

Given John Tory's belief that creationism is equivalent to evolution I would hope his new curriculum would include the creation theory of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


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Anonymous said...

All theory is myth until it is proven, but that doesn't stop teachers and scientists such as David suzuki from calling evolution a fact or having this very weak theory taught in public and private schools to children.

Mike said...


Evolution is fact. It has been proven time and time again. Creationism has been disproven over and over.

You wanna learn about creationism? go to church - school is for facts.

BEAJ said...

Blanks, is your name reflective of how your brain processes information?

People who do not realize evolution is fact are wilfully ignorant reality deniers.

John Tory just committed political suicide, but I'm still not voting Commy.

Werner said...

I get a bit of a laugh out of these creationist morons ... sometimes. Mind you when someone comes up in a check-out line and starts babbling about "up there" it is hard not to lose your temper. But most times I don't react to these clowns. This state of affairs is the result of illiteracy which I do NOT believe can be blamed on the internet although some posters 'out there' make me wonder at times. Anyway if someone talks about the "theory" of evolution and Mr. and Mrs. Wonderdummy starts misunderstanding things remember is a "theory" also yet still exists. Use of the "T" word is NOT limited to conjecture, reasonable or otherwise. It doesn't work that way.

eugene plawiuk said...

"All theory is myth" is a mythtaken hypothesis. It shows Blank's failed to read the links in my post.