Friday, May 25, 2007

Creationism Is Not Science

Creationists continue to make ludicrous claims to being science, when in fact they are simply another example 0f myth and folktale.

BIG VALLEY - Alberta will soon have a museum filled with "scientific evidence" that the flood in the Book of Genesis and other biblical events actually happened, and that people walked the Earth at the same time as dinosaurs.

Canada's first creationist museum will open June 5 in Big Valley as "a scientific and biblically based alternative to the evolutionary view of Earth history" put forward by the Royal Tyrrell Museum 60 kilometres to the south, said Harry Nibourg, founder of the Big Valley Creation Science Museum.

Creationist museum causes stir

- A Kentucky museum where Adam and Eve share exhibit space with dinosaurs is drawing criticism from groups of science educators as it nears completion.

The $27 million Creation Museum tells a biblical version of the Earth's history, asserting that the planet is just a few thousand years old and man and the giant lizards once coexisted.

These are not museums they are entertainment centres, like West Edmonton Mall. Consumer culture for Christians.

In the case of Alberta they have deliberately exploited the popularity of the Royal Tyrell Museum to pursue their religionist assault on reason.

These of course are the folks that supported Ted Morton for Premier.


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rabbit said...

Well, thank you for that anti-Alberta rant. Might I point out this is a private venture by private citizens? Or that Cardston is a long ways from Big Valley, and the two have nothing to do with each other?

Other than being from Alberta, of course. Which is, for you, the entire point.

eugene plawiuk said...

What? Being critical of creationism is Anti-Albertan? Then explain all that dinosaur blood we are profiting from called the Tarsands.

Mike said...

Funny rabbit. Man you must have a complex of something. I suggest you read Eugene's masthead before making such a stupid assertion.

Creationism is a myth pretending to be science. It is a a lie and only fools believe it to by true. And it has nothing to do with Alberta, except the seem more than willing to was $27 million on this kind of stupidity. A fool and his money and all that.

rabbit said...

I know where Gauche comes from, and I am well aware of the deficiencies of so-called "creation science". What I don't understand is why there is a link to an unrelated story about Cardston, another southern Alberta town. Perhaps EP can explain who he means by "these folks"?

Werner said...

What rabbit doesn't seem to understand is that this sort of thing IS happening in Alberta. What is all this "unrelated" stuff supposed to mean anyway? These nuts are prominent in western Canada to be sure but I don't see anyone doing this kind of thing in Saskatchewan although there are probably a few wonder dummies who are thinking about it. Back in the eighties I happened to listen in to an openline show on one of the local private radio stations where a so-called public school "science" teacher was trying to use the idea of "entropy" WHICH he obviously didn't understand, to excuse creationism.

eugene plawiuk said...

The link to Cardston and of course to Morton is about the relationship of the religious right in Alberta which is strongly located in the south of the province made up of American influences such as Mormonism, the Reformed Church, and evangelicals.