Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Patels Panics

I got this message from Herr Werner Patels on MyBloglog account.
Please be advised that Eugene Plawiuk will be reported to the authorities for criminal libel and harassment this week. A report about this will also be sent to his union and the school he works at, since he is clearly not fit to be around children.

It appears that bi-polar blogger Patels is panicking, first he erased his offending web pages on Alberta Spectator blog where he attacked Montreal Simon and Red Tory last month, then he created a new set of multi-blog personalities called Eye On. Including Eye On Blogosphere.(aka Eye on Blogs)

What Eye on the Blogosphere is about

  1. cyberbullying
  2. freedom of speech
  3. harassment
  4. libel
  5. political blogging

Ironically his attack on them was the result of one of his purged posts (available thanks to Google Cache) where he said this;

As I wrote here a while ago, there seems to be a trend (primarily among lefties and/or Liberals) to muzzle bloggers by slapping them with lawsuits. Funny how you never hear about conservatives suing bloggers (unless I missed something, so if you have information on such a case, please do drop me a line in the comments section below).
Ah hem, well I for one would like to report Werner for threatening to do this, I am not sure he is a conservative, but he is a whingnut. Of course his threat to me is not the first time he has said he would sue me. Or report me to my employer which he has also threatened to do to me and other bloggers in the past.

Now in the midst of his latest revisionist rewriting of the story of his cyberstalking, he has created another blog called Common Sense Musings. Which used to be his Ideas And Issues Blog. And was the original URL setting for Alberta Spectator.

Common Sense Musings provides snapshots of the world we live in. This blog is about finding common sense, or rather, an attempt to instill some common sense, as well as about ideas and the issues that matter.

Of course with multiple blog personality Werner his opinions are as far from commonsensical as one can be.

At this site he reposts his posts from his other blogs. In this particular case he has reposted his revisionist history of his cyber-stalking and blog attacks on Red Tory and Montreal Simon with a passing reference to yours truly whom he calls and extremist leftist. It is the same story he published on the weekend in his new Eye On Blogs. Which I commented on .

Unfortunately he has purged all his posts at Eye On Blogs and reposted his new sanitized version at his Common Sense Musings.

I guess he figures if he says something over and over again on various of his blogs which he sanitizes then folks will be fooled into believing he is a reasonable, rational, fellow.

He also rewrote his article on Michael Coren, at yet another of his blogs purging any reference to me. The original article was posted on the now purged Alberta Spectator, there he had linked to my original article on Coren and recognized I had blogged on this first, he gave me a H/T.

  • Photo of wpalberta

    On animals, mental disease and Michael Coren

    we can eat them, wear their skins, experiment on them if we can thus improve the human condition. Clearly, if there's a mentally ill individual, it's Coren, but not people who really and truly understand animals and what they're all about. Hat tip to Eugene Plawiuk for alerting me to the story. Cross-posted from A Writer's Musings Alberta Spectator

As for criminal libel there is no such a creature, there is slander and libel and it is covered in a section of the criminal code. It is not a felonious offense so it is a civil matter which is resolved through a suit in civil court.

And purging your offensive articles, will not save your ass if you are sued.

Please have your lawyers contact my lawyers;
Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga, Hungadunga and McCormack.

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Zorpheous said...

The Criminal Code of Canada Sections 297 to 305 or to 310 cover "Criminal Libel and Defamation"


Unfortunately Werner doesn't understand that these sections of CC are so rarely used and the Crown will hardly ever try to press charges under them, since it has always ended up in the SCoC. The last time they were attempted was back in 1995 and the Crown tossed them and told the defendants they would have to seek recourse in the civil courts.

BBS said...

Werner could occupy an entire research department trying to keep up with all his blogs.

Balbulican said...

I said it in a couple of other venues. But Eugene...this guy is just basking in the attention, and in the shit he's managing to raise with this most recent psychotic episode.

Ignore the lunatic. Really.

Red Tory said...

I second the emotion expressed above (and agree with BBS on the research project potential). Don't waste any more time on this pathetic loser. Make your site a "Werner Free Zone" (I'm working a badge for the sidebar) and treat him like an unmentionable cyber-Dalit. Let's all work together to deprive him of of the thing he craves most desperately: attention.

eugene plawiuk said...

Gentlemen I bow to your wisdom.

Werner said...

As I said before Patels is a sociopath who gains a charge from upsetting everyone's applecart. He has NO special ideological orientation and NO attempt at intellectual discourse will accomplish anything.