Monday, September 03, 2007

Pathetic Patels

Werner Patels commented on my last post about him.

Having been hoisted by his own petard, in the political fashion of the Stalinist School of Falsification, he has eliminated his offending posts for August at his blog Alberta Spectator.

These offending posts showed he was guilty of going off his rocker and attacking Red Tory with personal invective, taunts, insults, on top of a campaign of cyber-bullying and stalking.

Last night he went on to create a new blog;
Eye on the Blogosphere to deal specifically with his continuing campaign against bloggers he feels have slighted him. The title; Eye On is not even original he stole it from a Web blog set up to monitor Werner entitled Eye on Werner Patels.

He continues to claim to being the victim of cyber-bullying when in fact it is he that is the cyber-bully and cybers-talker, something he has done in the past.

Canada's political blogosphere

6 hours ago in Eye on the Blogosphere · No authority yet

others while remaining anonymous is the height of cowardice -- and after about five to ten minutes of "research" (yes, it was that easy) I was able to present to the blogosphere his real identity. Others in his posse (all deranged Liberals and extremist leftwingers) immediately came to his defence and denounced my exposing him. That I merely defended myself against a mentally unstable cyberbully was conveniently overlooked by those jokers. It was him, after all, who started it all;

Ever the multiple blog personality who suffers from bi-polar blogging syndrome he has overnight created not one but a whole new set of blogs.

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BBS said...

Never a dull moment when Werner's around. He'll probably end up as Canada's first case study on something like obsessive blogging.

Red Tory said...

But remember... He's not a blogger!

His dementia would be a lot more amusing if he wasn't such a malicious twerp.

eugene plawiuk said...

I guess we could say that Werner is opening his third eye.....

"In Finnish, "third eye" means "asshole", although it is not necessarily offensive. In some Finnish jokes, it is considered "the blind eye".

Dr.Dawg said...

I suspect that in Werner;s case, it's either his first or second eye. :)

the rev. said...

the man is comedy gold, maybe we should start a fan club.

Red Tory said...

Eugene — Apparently, he's graciously going to allow the RCMP to deal with "human waste" such as you and me. It's out of his hands now! LOL.

eugene plawiuk said...

"human waste" did he actually call us that. If he did it reminds me of another Austrian.

The superior claims of the racially pure Volk, in Hitler's view, had prevail over personal liberty. Hence, inferior races and ethnic groups were disposable, as so much human waste material.