Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fred Thompson WYSIWYG

Yep its all true the laconic slow speaking southern drawl of the last guy in the Republican Presidential race Fred Thompson is all there is. WYSIWYG. We saw it yesterday the Saviour of the conservative right, the voice of the south, is really the tortoise in the race. And slow and steady is what ya get with Fred. No omph, no pizazz, no vim, or vigour, just a laid back wannabe in a race of wannabe's. No platform just platitudes.

First to Fred | 4:02 p.m.: Newcomer Fred Thompson gets the first question. What will he do to ensure economic vibrancy in this country? He says there is no reason to believe we’re headed toward a recession. His voice is a little froggy and he drew a blank there for a few seconds, apart from not offering his prescription for the economy.

From the Transcript:

The stock market seems to be doing pretty well. I see no reason to believe we’re headed for — (pause) — for economic downturn. As far as the economic prosperity of the future is concerned, I think it’s a different story. I think if you look at the short term, it’s rosy. I think if you look at a 10-year projection, it’s rosy. But we are spending money we do not have.

Well he at least lived up to expectations, which is that he underperformed, his was a campaign that was all sizzle and no steak. His first performance will be his last. He was the great white hope, and it was all illusion fostered by his Law and Order persona. The real Fred is what we saw yesterday on CNBC/MSNBC Michigan Debate on Economics. You get aw shucks bluff and bluster and no substance.

Senior advisors say Thompson's goal for the event is to demonstrate "intellectual vigor" and to show voters that "he is prepared to be president."

Sure if this was nineteen fifty when TV was black and white and cars went a maximum of sixty miles and hour.

It’s Over | 6 p.m. Fred Thompson is asked about his first debate. He says it was “a lot like home. I didn’t say which kind of home.”

He added: “I’ve enjoyed watching these fellas. I’ve got to admit, it was getting a little boring without me, but — (laughter) — I’m glad to be here now.”

Yuk, yuk, see what I mean that was a nice aw shucks retort, but now that zinger is used up he will have to actually expand his platform from platitudes to specifics which he does not have. WYSIWG. You saw Fred last night, and he is what you get. Which is not much.

He cannot win nor is he a genuine voice of conservatism; there is only one such voice and it ain't coming from any of the front runners it comes from Huckabee.

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