Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Petro Politics

Newfoundland yesterday proved that it had entered the age of Petro Politics. Like Alberta it gave Danny Williams and his Progressive Conservatives a landslide, an unheard of majority government. And like Alberta, Danny gained his popularity over the Atlantic Accord, and his recent offshore oil deals. And like Alberta he is furthering his political profile by taking on Ottawa.

Unfortunately being a One Party State is not good for democracy.

Harpers Conservative MP's are doomed in Newfoundland Labrador after last night. So the sly fox steals Danny's thunder by announcing a side deal with Nova Scotia to save seats there. An announcement that had been waiting since August to be made public.

Harper not only stole Danny's thunder but being mean to the end, still rejects any return of Bill Casey. Pity since that means he will lose that seat too.

"Mr. Casey is not welcome into our caucus ... when there is a next federal election, there will be a Conservative candidate in Mr. Casey's riding, and it will not be Mr. Casey," he said.

Danny's victory and Steve's side deal was enough encouragement for Lorne Calvert and the NDP in Saskatchewan to announce the obvious.

Saskatchewan goes to the polls November 7

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NL-ExPatriate said...

Casey wouldn't return anyway because the CRAP party hasn't honored the Atlantic Accord let alone their promise to remove 100% of non-renewables from the equalization formula in keeping with one of the founding principles of the constitution that the provinces own control and are to be the primary beneficiaries of their own resources.

While the MSM accuse Danny Williams of using fed bashing as political rhetoric. What everyone seems to forget is that by the feds bashing the smaller provinces for wanting to have their resources and the revenues that comes from them they are in effect pandering to vote rich ON/QU.

Why do you think the equalization formula was changed to a per capita formula. Just like it was changed to include non-renewables once ottawa realized Alberta would become the primary beneficiaries of their own resources and become a have province. If this formula were in effect when alberta first discovered oil it would still be a have not province today.

The national federal parties have to toe the national party line drawn by the majority ON/QU for their own good and under the guise of whats good for the federation.

eugene plawiuk said...

Of course Harper is pandering to Quebec and Ontario. And fed bashing worked for years in Alberta. Notice how quiet Alberta has been, since Steve got elected.

Look on the bright side too all those Newfies who are now living here working in the Tarsands can eventually return home and help build the oil economy of the rock with all their experience. Of course most of them work construction. So they will have to wait for the building boom.