Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ohhh Pulllleeeaasse

So I guess they won't need all those temporary workers they said they needed.
Royalty hikes forecast to cost thousands of jobs

Oil sands projects worth more than $20-billion could be shelved by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. if proposals to increase royalties in Alberta are fully adopted, the company said yesterday, joining a chorus of dire warnings from the energy sector.

In the oil sands, Canadian Natural's $7.6-billion Horizon mine is nearing completion and will continue, and phases two and three of the mine, which are already partly built, will also likely go ahead, the company said.


FORT MCMURRAY -- An on-site investigation into the deaths of two workers at a northern Alberta oilsands tank construction site has been completed.

The two men died last April while working at the multibillion-dollar Horizon oilsands project belonging to Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. near Fort McMurray.

Witnesses said a massive tank collapsed, killing two temporary Chinese workers and injuring four more.

Occupational Health and Safety has forwarded its findings to Alberta Justice for review.

It will be up to Justice officials to determine whether charges should be laid against the company.

Stelmach has also been the strongest supporter among Canadian premiers of expanding temporary foreign workers and labor mobility under the Alberta-B.C. Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement, or TILMA.

The two Chinese laborers, hired among a group of temporary foreign workers by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. to construct a giant holding tank in the oil sands, died after the tank collapsed April 24.

And where will they go? Why to 'socialist' Saskatchewan!!! And they pay more in royalties for their North Sea operations as well!!!

Mr. Laut said his company would move spending to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the North Sea and offshore West Africa, as well as pay down debt,

Being the National Post and pro-business this article makes it seem like they would be moving out, when in fact CNRL is already operating in these locations.

Hey I hear paying down debt is the thing to do. If it's good enough for Ralph Klein and Stephen Harper it should be good for CNRL. See a royalty increase is a good thing. It helps Saskatchewan and it helps a company control its spending just like they always tell us the government should do.

So quit your sniveling and whining CNRL a reasonable royalty increase is what the doctor ordered, so suck it up and take your medicine.

And it is a good thing if this happens because it would help cool our overheated economy.

The company would also drill 65 per cent fewer natural gas wells and 15 per cent fewer oil wells if the government adopts the recommendations of the review panel's report.

Don't Let Big Oil Set Our Royalty Rates make sure Ed hears from you


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