Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fire Democrats?

If they had done this; Fire employees that can't speak English? there would have been far fewer Democratic voters in the Nevada primary yesterday.

The Democratic Caucuses held in Casino hotels had to scramble to provide translators yesterday for the predominately Spanish speaking hotel workers members of the Culinary Workers Union.

The candidates have competed hard for Hispanic voters,
who make up 40% of Culinary members and 11% of registered voters in the state. This week, Clinton and Obama unveiled dueling Spanish-language TV ads and dueling endorsements: Richard Chavez, brother of the late labor leader Cesar Chavez, for her, and Maria Elena Durazo — a top Los Angeles labor official — for him.

That is the reality of immigrant labour in America. It is predominately Latino's and not all of them are illegal. But the reality is that English is not their first language either. The nativist anti-immigrant movement of the Republican Right and Lou Dobbs and Company lump all Latino workers together, whether they are American citizens, guest workers or 'illegals'.


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1 comment:

George Vreeland Hill said...

Obama is trying to hurt Hillary, and is losing focus on the key issues because of it.
If this is what he does, then I do not want him in the White House.
I want a candidate who will tell me what he or she will do to make this country better, and not play dirty for his own cause.
Red flags go up around Obama every time he speaks.
He needs to stop this garbage fast.
Better Hillary than him.

George Vreeland Hill