Saturday, February 09, 2008

Another Tory Turn Coat

More Alberta conservatives are deserting the Tired Old Tory Titanic.

Stelmach also got sideswiped in the traditional Tory stronghold of Calgary -- despite not even stopping in the city -- when Ron Wood, longtime adviser to Preston Manning and Stephen Harper, also took aim at the Progressive Conservative leader.

Wood, who allowed local Liberal candidate Pat Murray to put up a Grit lawn sign in front of his home in Calgary-North Hill, said he's been a life-long conservative backer and cast a ballot to select Ed Stelmach as the Alberta Conservative leader in December 2006. But the former Calgary broadcaster said he believes Stelmach has done a poor job governing, spending money freely to win votes.

"These guys are not progressive, and they're not conservatives," Wood said in an interview. "They don't have a plan. They cover over their plan with a shovel full of money . . . I'm a fiscal conservative."

Gee I have said that for the past four years, it's nice to have such august company agreeing with me.

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