Thursday, February 07, 2008

Careful Of What You Ask For

Some Liberal bloggers in Alberta are wondering why there will only be one leaders debate during the upcoming election.Because this is Alberta and the Legislature only has one 'official' sitting.

They should be careful of what they ask for. The charismatically challenged leaders; Hinman, Taft, and Stelmach will bore viewers into a slumber only to be awakened by the quick wit and sharp retorts of the bus driver who leads the NDP.

And a sleeping voter is safer than an awakened one.

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Kyle G. Olsen said...

Wow, such greatful insight. And this is why Mason had to announce the same policy 3 days in a row? How inspirational!

Give me a break!

Glen said...

What Brian Mason lacks in charisma, he doesn't make up for in relevancy.

eugene plawiuk said...

Wow Liberal trolls. Kyle talking about recycled promises read my first post Ed's Ides of March, where Taft re-announced his affordable housing platform. And was challenged over it by two homeless folks.

Glen, the Taft Liberals are completely irrelevant, as they were during the whole Oil Royalty debate, and prior when Taft refused to say where he stood on the issue until a mere 24 hours before Stelmach said what he planned to do about Royalties. And even then the Liberals have promised Big Oil a fair shake. Gimme a break.