Thursday, February 07, 2008

Harpers War The Manley Solution

All the conditions for the Manley recommendation to become Harpers War Wet Dream were already made in the back rooms.

The Harper government will set the stage for a possible spring election on Canada's role in the Afghanistan war by tabling a motion as early as this week calling for an extension of the mission in line with last month's Manley report.The motion is expected to adopt the central recommendation of the panel led by former Liberal cabinet minister John Manley. In its report, the panel recommended extending the mission beyond February 2009, the current expiration date, provided Canada can secure more equipment and convince its allies to commit roughly 1,000 more troops.
Let's see Poland has offered to help.

Poland to share choppers in Afghanistan
The irony of the former Warsaw Pact nation now extending its mission in Afghanistan is rich indeed. Too bad they hadn't done this when the Russians were there and none of this would have been needed.

Meanwhile MacKay is off lobbying NATO.

MacKay to stress demand for 1,000 troops from NATO

And he may get them.
In a rare piece of good news, there were suggestions that the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, would provide an extra 1,000 troops.

British officials hope the extra troops will be stationed in areas of the bloodiest conflict in Kandahar in the south, but Nato defence chiefs will discuss the position at an informal summit starting today. Nato is seeking to draw together a new three-year structural plan for the country.

Rice did not disguise her concern at the scale of the threat in Afghanistan. "I do think the alliance is facing a real test here. Our populations need to understand this is not a peacekeeping mission" but rather a long-term fight against extremists, she added. "This is a different fight from what Nato was structured to do.

The messaging is the same from the White House and Harpers House; prepare for a long war.

Meanwhile the Taliban will have Pakistan's support in going back into Afghanistan to conduct their operations.

Of course Pakistan is not a member of NATO.

Pakistan Taliban declare ceasefire - spokesman

Pakistan calls truce with Taliban after secret talks
Ismail Khan, a journalist who reports on the border area for the newspaper Dawn, said both sides appeared to be respecting the truce. But he said the military's apparent decision to halt its operation against militants in south Waziristan raised questions about Pakistan's strategy in dealing with the Taliban.

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