Monday, February 18, 2008

Dog Fighting In Afghanistan.

Our troops are fighting in Afghanistan to defend abuse of women, children and now animals.

Assignment Kandahar: Dog Fights, then a Bloodbath
A suicide bomber killed scores of Afghans attending a dog fighting "festival" being held just outside the city.

There is no official word if the suicide bomber was a member of PETA.

No report on the number of dogs killed.

And apparently the bodyguards were responsible for as many deaths as the suicide bomber.

Men and boys were enjoying picnics or watching dog and cock fights when the blast happened. Six children and thirteen auxiliary policemen were among the dead. Many of the wounded were critically injured and the death toll was expected to rise. Witnesses claimed panicking bodyguards fired wildly after the explosion, hitting dazed survivors.

Faizullah Qar Gar, a resident of Kandahar who was at the dog fight, said the militant commanders' bodyguards opened fire on the crowd after the bombing.

"In my mind there were no Taliban to attack after the blast but the bodyguards were shooting anyway," he said.

And let's remember that in North America dog fighting is illegal and will get you kicked out of the NFL and put in jail. But in Kandahar, well it's a 'tradition', gee just like Burka's and boy brides.. Still haven't got rid of those either in liberated Afghanistan.

Ironically , like opium production, dog fighting was banned by the nasty Taleban.

Dog-fighting competitions, which were banned under the Taleban regime, are a popular pastime in Afghanistan.
Can you say medieval patriarchal society? The enemies of my enemy may not be any better....

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Jeanne Beret said...

You may or may not be interested to know the following, originally from a report by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:
' important note must be made regarding dog fights in Afghanistan. Unlike the Western tradition of illegal dog-fighting, Afghan dogs do not fight to the death, and often there is no bloodshed at all. These dog fights have been described more like wrestling matches, where one dog is victorious after pinning its opponent to the ground or frightening it out of the ring. In addition, there is not (yet) any profitable motive, as the winner receives nothing more than applause, and betting, while present, is not widespread.'
So whilst I'm not in favour, it's not the sort of dogfighting that we all know of and loathe, and perhaps isn't comparable to that which can get you 'kicked out of the NFL'.

eugene plawiuk said...

Ah Afghanistan has humane dog fighting, what about the fact they also had cock fighting. Guess that was humane to eh? There is no humane form of dog fights or cock fights or any animal on animal fight and the sole purpose of these fights is gambling, betting on the winner. It is not a sport it is gambling. And so it is exactly the same sport whether in Kandahar or Virgina Beach.