Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bedtime Reading

NATO reports as bed time reading, post-coital pillow chat about troop placements, its all too much and led to the inevitable fall from grace for Maxime Bernier yesterday. That his now 'ex' girlfriends apartment might have been bugged might be another reason for the PM to finally fire Bernier who seems to have confused libertarian and libertine.

On becoming listed as Mr. Bernier's official partner after dating him for one month:

"He said I should reflect on it because he is a public personality, so he can't be changing his partner like you'd change a shirt. He said it was a mandate of at least one year."

Yep that's the Minister of Outsourcing before he became Minister of Foot In the Mouth. Even his girlfriend was on contract.

Meanwhile the PM continues to defend his Ministers right to date a girl who used to go out with Hells Angel bosses, another reason for the bug in her apartment? Not unlike the NHL which defends players who have cousins in the Angels. After all its a private affair nez pas?

The whole sordid affair arose from the fact that Bernier should never have been promoted to Foreign Affairs, a position that left him with his foot firmly placed in his mouth on one too many occasions.

After all he was only a finger puppet for the PMO which is where foreign policy is actually made.

The delicious irony in all this is not only was Bernier hopelessly incompetent in this post, but that the Law and Order Government insists that his personal affair with a biker chick was nobodies business. Bikers, crime, law and order.

Say good night Max.


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