Thursday, May 08, 2008

Burma's Curse

Is its prot0-Stalinist Junta which subscribes to the ideology of 'socialism in one country' being the client state of that other proto-Stalinist State; China. There is something karmic about the recent cyclone that hit the country of Burma/Myanmar. It was headed towards Bangladesh and then suddenly veered right and headed straight for Myanmar.

Perhaps it was because all the Buddhist monks the junta jailed in the past year were no longer able to chant in their temples, casting the spells needed to keep the population safe from such a natural disaster.

It was typical of such authoritarian regimes to downplay natural disasters, which of course is the greatest test of an autarkic regime. In this case it was first reported that 1000 people were killed, a day later a zero was added to the number; now it was 10,000, a day later another zero was added and it was 100,000 killed, now it appears that over a million, thats a lot of zeros, were killed, injured and dispossessed.

The country is a mess, chaos, while the Junta remains, literally, above it all, living in their special castle on the hill, the money that could have gone to levees and infrastructure going to the building of the Junta's new jungle city.

Being well versed in Asian astrology and other such Buddhist science's the Junta in its arrogance forgot that this is after all the year of the rat. And in this case the rats had already headed for the hills, abandoning the rest of the population to their fate this weekend.

After two, Fire years life may seem calmer during this Earth year. That could be deceptive, however, as the Rat never stops moving, especially when it comes to mental activity.

Unfortunately Earth has a destructive relationship with the Rat's fixed element, Water. This is not disastrous, but it does mean people should not rely too much on luck this year.


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