Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jobs Not Tax Cuts

The issue in this election has to be jobs. Election front runners promise tax cuts

As manufacturing declines in North America its impact on the industrial working class in Southern Ontario is devistating.
Not only on those currently being laid off but those who have retired and rely on their pensions and long term benefits for their daily bread. The impact on the local economy is is increased personal and business bankruptcies.

Canadian job cuts highlight decline of North American manufacturing "The real story is what doesn't happen in the headlines; it's the five or 10 jobs that are lost each week or each month and eventually they really tend to add up."

In the last two weeks we have had announcements of the pending layoffs of 6717 people.
Literally a small town wiped off the face of the map.

Tax Cuts have not paid for the technology upgrades to make these companies competitive. They have been invested in the market in order to make quick profits off high interest rates, meanwhile Canadian workers lose their jobs. As do workers in all the advanced industrialized countries, capitalism functions the same world wide. This election the issue for workers has to be jobs and pension security.

While jobs are booming in the West and in the North in resource extraction whether Tar Sands in Alberta or Diamond mines in the NWT, these construction jobs are temporary and the actual plant workforce is small and will not be working for a number of years yet.

As the Liberals and Conservatives promise more tax cuts for corporations and Income Trusts, ask them how these are going to guarntee jobs for Canadians.
Cause they don't right now.


Nastyboy said...

Hey Eugene,

I love the blog and respect what you have to say.

I like the fact that the Edmonton Bloggers attract so many different view points.

Swing by my blog and say hello some time.

Reg said...

While I firmly believe allowing market forces to work is the best way to deal with
jobs (yes, jobs will be lost but the resources used to prop up failing firms/jobs
could be used so much more proficiently elsewhere), I do get pissed off when I
hear of companies heading into bankruptcy with huge underfunded pensions. There
is no good reason for this to occur whatsoever. However, the recent revelations
(to me anyways) of Martin using the Public Servants pension surplus to bring
down the deficit explains why this problem still exists.

As for Southern Ontario manufacturing, you know as well as I do that
these jobs will continue to be lost and no amount of government assistance
will save them until manufacturers start producing the vehicles people want.
To think that they were still making Cameros in Quebec up until a few years ago.....

eugene plawiuk said...

So the NDP, Sierra Club and CAW solution to the continued 'buggy whip' manufacturing crisis is hybrid car production.