Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Harpers First Gaffe: 3 little words

The very first day and the Harper cannot help but make a gaffe. The first day of the election and he sticks his foot in his mouth. And it was a softball question. Do you love Canada? I thought when I saw the scrum it was a Conservative ringer flinging that out. Nope it wasn't. Here was the Harper primed for the tough heavy hitting questions and bingo he trips over a simple sophomoric question.

As Don Newman pointed out on CBC 's Politics, that was the same kind of question that killed Teddy Kennedy's drive for President of the USA. Why do you want to be President and he couldn't answer.

And not one to leave an opportunity to hit the Harper where it hurts, Martin did just that.
"This morning, I'm told that Stephen Harper had a little difficulty saying this, so let me say it: I love Canada!" he said.

To which Jason Kenney, NOT the Harper,issued a press release saying that the Liberals are smearing the Harper as unpatriotic....Well can the Harper say the three little words or not? And Jason may have a hard time saying them too since he is a neo-con trained by the Reganite Republican right down south. Maybe they could hum a few bars of Go Bless America which is the same tune as God Save the Queen, but it ain't no Maple Leaf Forever.

The blogosphere has been full of it today, and this will continue. It was an extrodinary gaffe.

Blogger From A Different Viewpoint asks the important question:
I'd like to know why if Stephen Harper can say "God Bless Canada" pretty much at all rallies that were televised in the last election (i can't remember if he did it in all his official speeches or not) why can't he say "I love Canada".

A Little Bit Left says:
The false notion that Harper doesn’t love Canada will follow him for the campaign. It’s all about avoiding these little glitches and it seems that Harper has more trouble doing that than any other leader at this time.

His full quote to the original question is here, where I left the following comment;

As I said on my blog ; He can't say it, he Loves America more, it's his ultimate Republican Role model.

Come on Harper its three easy words, I Love Canada, and he chokes.

His afternoon rebutal about the Liberals loving Canada but loving power more...he still FAILED to say he Loved Canada.

Hey he's the leader of the CONSERVATIVE Party those three little word should leap off his tongue...but I guess the Liberals love Canada more...which is why Harper is going to lose....

To which I can only add he should fire his Media Director.

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