Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Unite the Right in Alberta

Interesting note in Tom Olson's column in today's Calgary Herald where he notes a potential Unite the Right campaign in Alberta between the Alberta Alliance and the Alberta Social Credit party. Hinman, the rookie Alliance leader, tabled a petition from the province's Social Credit party demanding the government reverse itself on electricity deregulation. Seemed odd, until Hinman confirmed the two parties are looking at merging. Still small potatoes (neither has a massive membership), but any union of conservative forces in small-town Alberta makes the rural Tory rump nervous. Not that there is much to unite since the AA was formed by former Socred Leader Randy Thorsteinson.

But what will they call themselves? Alberta Social Credit Alliance? Social Alberta Credit Alliance? Credit Alberta Social Alliance? That should take them at least a year to figure out. No threat here, except in the rural south of the province, where the left hasn't a snowballs chance anyways. But a right-wing alternative to the Tories would be welcome to help split the vote.

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