Thursday, November 24, 2005

King Klein's Grande Tour

So while the Alberta legislature sits, King Klein leaves the province on his Grande Tour like the aristocracy of old. No need for the Tyrant to be at home, after all what can the legislature do anyways? The opposition can ask questions, and ask some more, and they get no anwsers from the papercutouts in the government backbenches. It is a comfort that the Alberta Government can merely sit for the shortist sessions of any legislature in Canada since all the decisions are made behind closed doors by cabinet, or between legislature sittings, or on the whim of King Klein. Such as his latest announcement of the Klein Legacy Fund, a direct steal from Jean Chretien.

Alberta Centennial Scholarships giving students across Canada reason to celebrate
$2005 awards to be spread among students from all provinces and territories

Hey wasn't he supposed to get this passed in the house? Nah, he knows it will pass. Yep thats royalty for ya. And you thought the aristocractic ruling class was a thing of the past. Not in Alberta, we have the Oil Royalty and their Party of Calgary.

And not everyone is happy with King Kleins Centenniel Award. After all Alberta students pay some of the highest tuition in Canada.

Student leaders say money should be used to fix Alberta's needs

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