Thursday, November 24, 2005

Once a Liberal always a Liberal

Klein says Harper seen as 'too much on the right,' predicts another Liberal minority

The reason Ralph wants the Liberals to win is cause he once was one. Ok for the record, all kidding aside, the real reason he wants them to win is that its the Alberta Advantage. With a Federal Liberal government to kick around the Conservatives have stayed in power in Alberta. Ok they stayed in power under the Mulroney Conservative government but look what happened then, along came Son of Socred, Presto Manning, and he started the Reform Party in revolt against Mulroney. Now Harper is leading the Reform/Alliance/Conservative party and Klein is afraid that as closely identified with Alberta as they are, and the fact they are the overwhelming majority of Federal MPs in Alberta, this will spell DOOM for his party's chances in the next provincial election. Seriously. All politics are local, and in this case Klein is seriously worried that without the Liberals in power in Ottawa to be the boogeyman Albertans will begin to look at the replacing the boogeyman in their own back yard. After all Alberta has historically opposed Ottawa, and whoever is in power in Ottawa.

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