Thursday, November 24, 2005

Canadian Blog Awards 2005

The first round of voting is now open in the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards. Of course I have my humble blogs posted under Progressive, Business (for Red between the Lines) and my series Gothic Capitalism under Series. Vote often.

And speaking of Blog Awards here is an interesting story about the latest MSM blog award:
Fictional housewife takes top blog prize

Organizers received more than 2,500 submissions, in nine different languages, for the second-annual competition, which is run by the internet arm of Germany's Deutsche Welle news service. Co-sponsors include, Reporters Without Borders, France's Le Monde and China's Phoenix TV.The jury, with members from around the world, chose eight finalists in each category. Then the internet community was encouraged to vote. According to Guido Baumhauer, editor in chief of DW-World.DE, more than 100,000 ballots were cast through online voting worldwide.

Gee and how did I miss this? Must be the most underpublicized Blogs Award ever. Oh right its a mainstream blog award.

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