Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Liberals Close Day Care

Ok here is a program in Calgary, a successful kindergarten and day care program open to all run by Aboriginals and Metis. And in the middle of the election where Day Care is a major issue the Liberal Government closes the program with no explanation. Just quits funding it. Right before Christmas. Leaving the parents in a lurch.

Here is another reason NOT to trust the Liberal Day Care program.

This wasn't a case of the Alberta Government closing the program, nope this wasn't a case of parents not using the program, nope, it was a case of the Liberal Government closing the day care.

Now mind you I don't think I would be going out on a limb to say that this smacks of racism since this was an aboriginal/metis run day care. Yep the Liberals got a lot of explaining to do over this one.

Parents protest closure of children's programs
The group is upset at the closure of two programs that provide day care and kindergarten programs for aboriginal and non-aboriginal children. They say the federal government has cut the funding for the Medicine Wheel Early Learning Centre and the Ke Mama Nnanik parent program for the coming year. The school focuses on preserving traditional aboriginal and M├ętis culture and language while providing 50 preschool and kindergarten spaces. Michelle Thrush has one child that has gone through the program and another that is currently enrolled. She says the program has helped more than 400 aboriginal families. A spokesperson for Health Canada says the programs are being cut because concerns were raised about the way they were being run. But Lori Anne Houle, the director of the Medicine Wheel and Ke Mama Nnanik programs says they have been run properly for years and have the audits and internal reviews to prove it.


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Candace said...

That's just ludicrous. On the one hand, I smile in glee at yet more proof that the Liberal machine is falling apart. But the reality is, politics aside, we've got possibly 50 parents up the friggin' creek for no appreciable reason.

They have GOT to go. Period. I hope the daycare has contacted all those "leaders" that were in Kelowna with the update.