Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Canada is Americas Hel

Hel is one of my favorite of the old gods of the Norse. She is Queen of the Dead and rules the kingdom of snow and ice. Sorta like Canada, Queen and Country and all that.

Swingers clubs don't harm society, top court rules
Swingers clubs don't harm society, top court rules
Clubs that allow group sex and partner swapping do not harm Canadian society and should not be considered criminal, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled Wednesday. F U L L S T O R Y

Here is another Anti-Americanism for ya. Or maybe its just what makes Canda different than the U.S. For American Right Whing Whiners and Fundies this news will merely confirm what they already know, that Canada really is their version of Hel. A social democratic country of snow, gay marriage,socialized medicine, gun control, legal prostitution, marijuana decriminalization, public education, legal abortion, and
now legal orgies and swingers clubs.

I can hear the rants from the usual crowd of nutbars from the Blogging Tory's starting now (mind you I expect some sanity out of the self professed libertarians since sex between consenting adults, no matter how many, is a matter of choice).

Mind you since most of them cross post to each other confirming their conspiracy theories you would think that incest was legal in this country. Please we are Canadian, we may be liberal but we do draw the line.

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