Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hoisted by their own Petard

Yep them lunatic-fringe-right-whing-nuts fall for it everytime. Challenge them for being ignorant bigots and ne'er do wells and they get all upset. They can come out with the most outrageous statements, and then wonder why people call them on it. They ask for it. And it gives them something to write about. Then they can feel important. Rather they should be ashamed and crawl back under the rock from whence they came. But in defending the indefensible they will bring up anything to avoid the original offending remark.

I have been properly bashed by Wonder Woman aka North American Patriot and her companions at
Cannuckistan Chronicles, for my daring to criticize her narrow minded bigoted statement. She was upset that I didn't leave a comment on her blog or at CC. Well that would be trolling, and we will leave that to her pals to do.

But her whole page attack on me is a giggle.Oh morass, oh my. Thanks you drove up my page impressions.I hope all the visitors from the rightwhing, visited the Google Ads, so I can profit from the psuedo-intellectual thrashing I got.

Then they get upset by the fact I do not want to debate them. What is there to debate I said what I said, I replied to their comments they left about my article. And that was that.

As the lunatic-fringe-right-whing-nuts say; I must be doing something right to piss them off. so

I take this attack on my spelling errors and the controversial title of my blog, as what they are, the lowest form of attack and bait to reply. Well I don't debate congenital idiots, I have moved on so should they. They won't.

I look forward to their comments on this article, and hope they don't forget to visit the Google Ads when they visit here.

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