Monday, January 30, 2006

Our Troops In Afghanistan Are Fighting For Timmies

What would Conservative MP Monte Solberg do without his coffee from Timmies (Tim Hortons)? We would never get a sound bite out of him.

Now some of his pals over at the Blogging Tories have begun a campaign to get Timmies to open a store in Afghanistan to supply our troops with REAL coffee, none of that Americun stuff.


Canadian Soldiers Just Want A Double Double
Canadian Soldiers deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan are looking for a familiar taste from home. What is more Canadian than a "double double" Tim Hortons coffee? Tim Hortons leaps in to the story! Stay caught up! Have your say!

When it comes to coffee these guys who are normally America Rah Rah types suddenly turn into Canadian Nationalists. Must be Timmies Maple donuts.

True Folgers and even Maxwell House are blah coffee, hence the success of Starbucks. And Timmies makes a great cup of Columbian joe. Though it's owned by the American fast food chain Wendy's.

These pro war Blogging Tories are upset that Timmies isn't willing to go into the war zone to open a franchise. Guess they believed those Timmies ads about supplying that kid in Oxford with his Timmies care package. If its good enough for an Oxford scholar it must be good enought for our troops.

As for the politics of all this, I say that the troops don't really need a Timmies franchise in the war zone.

Standing on guard in Kandahar war zone
Aggressive and dangerous mission marks a major change in Canada's approach to warfare, MICHAEL DEN TANDT reports
By the end of February, Canada will have about 2,000 soldiers in Afghanistan, including a new group at the PRT. Some 700 soldiers will replace an American force, Task Force Bayonet, that has been fighting Taliban remnants in the more remote areas of Kandahar Province.

We should withdraw our troops from Afhghanistan and have them drink their Timmies coffee in the safety of the bosom of Canada.

Afghanistan: The NATO Quagmire



Mark Francis said...


Whatever the arguments about going there in the first place, what would come of the place if we abandoned it? Returning Afghanistan to the Taliban would not be a victory for any cause, save a highly regressive oppressive one.

eugene plawiuk said...

This is the same arguement that has left the Democrats in a quandry and left them without the Presidency. If the Americans are pulling out of Afghanistan, and NATO is replacing them, which it is, then one has to ask why? Since Iraq was and is more important to them, then the narco economy of Afghanistan or capturing Osama Bin Laden Inc. then why should our peacekeepers be used as cannon fodder?
Sorry I don't agree. See Afghanistan; Americas Shame Canada's Tragedy
I was opposed to Canadian involvement in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Guess I am just an unrepentatnt refusenik. Not a peacenik, a refusenik.....Which means I want our troops out of Afghanistan.