Monday, January 30, 2006

Beer and Popcorn in Alberta

So all those Conservative parents who think that there should be no state funded day care and damn them they know what is best for their kids, so just gimme my money and I will spend it .

Conservatives got all upset about Scott Reid's election comment on them spending their government baby bonus checks on beer and popcorn.

Making them sound like the stereotypical welfare or AISH recipient that they like to accuse of doing just that, guess if the shoe fits.....

Well here we go lookee here at how all them thar Conservative parents are spending their Ralph Bucks. Not on daycare thats for sure.....

Albertans eager to spend prosperity cheques
CBC Calgary - 3 hours ago
Cash registers were ringing this weekend as Albertans flocked to retailers to spend their $400 provincial resource rebate cheques.
Bucks boost stores Calgary Sun
Business booms as Albertans spend Ralphbucks StarPhoenix
CBC News - Globe and Mail - London Free Press - all 9 related »

But not on beer and popcorn only cause the Brick has a sale with double Ralph Bucks. Yep buy a hide-a-bed on sale with your Ralph Bucks and they will match it. Perfect for when baba stays over to babysit.

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