Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sniveling NDP

The Federal NDP's defense of Buzz is not about the NDP it's all about the CLC.

A follow up from yesterdays article:
Bye Bye Buzz

Layton says he wouldn't have dumped Hargrove from party

How many knives in the back does it take before the snivelling leadership of the NDP gets the message? Apparently alot.

Hargrove unrepentant after NDP suspension

Buzz violated the party membership requirement that you neither belong to nor support any other Federal Politcal party. Yes Virigina you can be a Trotskyist in the party or even a Labour Leader who is outspoken. But you cross the line even if you are a Labour Leader when you campaign for and say Vote Liberal.

What a bunch of whimps.

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Peggy Nash newly minted Federal MP and Buzz's former executive assistant snivels that the Ontario party shouldn't have dumped him.

NPI founder
and NDP reformer MP Libby Davis who allied with Buzz in the NPI whines that he was entitled to express his opinions. Yeah fine. But to endorse Liberal candidates and be Liberal party wall paper, well gimme a break.
Why Vote Liberal When You Can Vote NDP

Dan MacLennan of AUPE and Buzz's bosom buddy, is a Liberal, and broke his union away from the CLC at the same time the CLC sanctioned CAW for raiding. And Buzz visits this breakaway union everytime he comes to Alberta, and Dan visits the CAW annual conventions as well.

The siamese twins of the Canadian Left; the CLC and NDP may not appear united at election time but in the backrooms the boys are trying to patch things up with Buzz.

Cause they are afraid of an independent Labour Federation that would compete with the CLC. One that would be composed of the CAW, AUPE, and perhaps the General Construction Union of Toronto along with some of the Building Trades that have viewed, and here is the irony, the CLC and their relationship to the NDP as too left wing.

You see Buzz's Strategic Voting position is NOT radical. It is a rehash of Samuel Gompers election strategy; Reward your friends and punish your enemies. It is a return to the bread and butter issues politics of the 19th Century, before the labour movement in Canada created its own Labour parties.

Buzz claims to be the left wing of the labour movement would appeal to some other Left unions, but they would probably be more reluctant to leave the CLC as CUPE has shown. And his non alliance with the NDP his call for Stratefic Voting would appeal to right wing business unions, especially those in the Building Trades. Who would be willing to leave the CLC, as they have done in the recent past.

The Federal NDP's defense of Buzz is not about the NDP it's all about the CLC.

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