Monday, March 13, 2006

Calgary Sun Opposes War in Afghanistan

Ok now that I have your attention, its actually one of their 'token' liberal columnists that opposes the war in Afghanistan and demands a debate.

Dare to debate Canada's role in Aghanistan warrants serious discussion
By Bill Kaufmann

His talking points are the same as I have been making here, so it's nice to have some company in the MSM.

Canada is fighting for freedom and democracy, but some of our Afghan allies have proven every bit as bloodthirsty as the Taliban, which once formed the de facto government and had dealings with the U.S. right up until the summer of 2001.

The rap sheet of the United Front/Northern Alliance includes mass murder of PoWs, the killing and rape of civilians, religious persecution and the use of child soldiers.

These allies proved remarkably unreliable, most notably during the alleged escape in 2001 of Osama bin Laden.

The best-case scenario goal is to turn over more of the country's security to many of these same people.

Coloured fingers are nice, but when cutthroats and drug runners empowered by the U.S. invasion are the end result, surely our country's deployment is up for at least debate.

Canadians should also know whether the prisoners taken by our troops are turned over to U.S. jailers who've been known to batter captives to death from Baghdad to Bagram.

Canada's elite JTF2 commandos have worked closely with and under U.S. command.

A note to the pro-war faction both Conservatives and Progressives For War; NATO is in the North doing operations in the security of the Northern Alliance provinces.

Canada is in the South doing clean-up operations for the US which means going into the tribal territories, meeting nice people and killing them.

So at least get your geopolitics correct before claiming we are doing 'good works' in Afghanistan. We are doing America's dirty work.
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