Monday, March 13, 2006

Harper In Kandahar for Timmies

Apparently King Stephen the Harpocrite is over in Kandahar now, this very minute in his personal war on Terrorism. Defending Canada, with the troops cause well we all know that the phony war on Terrorism has always been his pet project.

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Or perhaps he is site seeing for the new P3 Tim Hortons that will bring the joys of Canadian democracy and culture to Kandahar.

And his trip was like all his actions since being elected PM, super secret.
In this he is imitating his mentor George Bush. Almost word for word.

Harper told reporters accompanying him that the Canadian force in the country serves the national interest because:

  • International terrorism is rooted in the country. "It was in Afghanistan that Sept. 11 started."
  • The country is a major source of narcotics, which have a terrible impact on Canada.
  • It shows Canada providing international leadership and humanitarian aid.
Gee I thought International Terrorism was rooted in Iraq, the reason the Americans gave for going to war, after WMD and Saddam is a dictator. Since the invasion the Bushies have been saying the exact same thing about Iraq, better to fight Terrorism there than in America. They already have to fight armed gangs suffering from poverty and inequality in East LA.

Yes the country is a source of opium which has increased over 200% since the American led invasion. Is there a correlation here?

Leadership? What leadership its a quizziling puppy dog reaction to the orginial American call for NATO to avenge them when they were attacked on Sept. 11. Since then the War on Terror has expanded to Iraq and now it appears even possibly Iran. So which front is this? And if it is a War why has parliament not declared it as such?

Humanitarian Aid? To who? American corporate interests like Halliburton? Or to the Warlords that still oppress women and other citizens? There is no democracy in Afghanistan, there are no liberated territories. There is the failed city state of Kabul and the rest is tribal territories. This is not the Spanish Civil War.

Perhaps if the Americans had not opposed the Russians who were helping the pre- Taliban government fight off the religious fruitcakes and warlords we would not have such a mess there now. Unfortunately human rights is only an issue of convenience for countries like the U.S., to use when it fits their bigger purpose, or to ignore when it does not.

Afghanistan today is certainly no shining example of human rights. To claim protecting human rights as a policy of the occupation of Afghanistan is certainly a joke. Sources report that for women outside of Kabul things may be worse now than under the Taliban. Religious laws still receive official sanction in some areas, and blasphemy is still a crime.

As for democracy, kinda hard to claim to be promoting democracy when King Stephen the Harpocrite refuses to debate this issue in Parliament.

Harper said "the debate over deployment is over," no matter what surveys of public opinion may suggest.

That's it Harper has Declared War and there is no debate. War always the time for serious debate He is being a muscular and masculine politician, something he always wanted to be to get over his policy wonk nerdishness. Harper Will Make Canada Masculine Again Beware of the nerd who gains power.

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