Monday, March 13, 2006

Harper's Chef, Nanny, and Car Washer Fired

King Stephen the Harpocrite continues his purges, not unlike that other famous autarch.

It has been revealed that Mr. Secrecy has recalled five diplomats prior to their completing their terms.

Now he has fired his Chef.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being sued by a man who claims his dismissal as a Stornoway chef was "insulting, high-handed, spiteful, malicious and oppressive."

Yep that sounds like the Harpocrite. Even worse the poor man was subjected to being demoted in his job by Mrs. PM and relegated to the duties of a nanny.

He alleges he took on other duties for which he was not paid, including babysitting the couple's two children, washing the family car and burying one of Harper's pet cats after it died.

Lundsgaard alleges that about one month before Harper won the Jan. 23 election, Laureen Harper led him to believe he would become the head chef at 24 Sussex Drive. Both the prime minister and his wife are named in the suit.

Lundsgaard says he received a letter on election day telling him that his services were no longer needed.

The rich and powerful you see have nannies to take care of their needs and their children. Which is why the Harpocrites see no need for daycare for working mothers and working class families.

Why every family should have a nanny, Chef, car washer and cat mortician. If not then what are wives for?

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