Friday, March 24, 2006

Capitalism's Denial of Climate Catastrophe

Ok this is serious. So why aren't governments taking it seriously. Because they are the excutive of the capitalist state.

As such they must deny the contradiction which is the fact there is no such thing as infinite resources. Hence Hubbards theory of Peak Oil.

But capitalism as a machine ,out of control of its creators, must consume those resources transforming them into products for our consumption. In doing so capitalism as an ideology cannot declare that it is Finite. It must constantly expand. But such expansion is anti-human and anti-environmental and anti-nature.

Which is why politicians are ill equiped to deal with such momentous crisises. They can only "be here now", living in the ever present which is why capitalism is a-hisotrical, it is always coming into being.

It is always in the now, we can see nothing beyond it and its technological solutions to the crisises it manifests. That technological solution is based on once again subjecting us to the ideology that says there is something else, other than ourselves, that we can rely on to solve problems of our own creation.

Margaret Munro, CanWest News Service

Published: Thursday, March 23, 2006

Half of Florida ends up underwater. So does much of Bangladesh and the Netherlands. Low-lying parts of British Columbia, the Maritimes and Canadian North would also be inundated, say scientists who warn in the journal Science today that the world appears headed for a catastrophic rise in sea level.They say temperatures are rising so fast and polar ice fields are melting so quickly, the planet is on track for inundation and flooding unlike anything seen on Earth for 130,000 years.

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