Friday, March 24, 2006

Some Blogs Are More Equal Than Others

"All blogs are equal, but some blogs are more equal than others."

It appears that the Tories and Liberals are leaking information to their favorite blogs, a case in point;

I received the following just a while ago from one of my contacts in the government. It's the transcript of Stephen Harper's comments that preceded his speech on accountibility. The original speech on accountibility (prepared before the hostages were released)... Stephen Taylor - Conservative Party of Canada Pundit

This puts the Blogging Tories in the same catagory as those conservative bloggers who publish Wal-Mart PR on their blogs.

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RP. said...

I don't think so. Taylor is being honest about where he got it from. Since when is it wrong to stump for the party you support, from your blog?


When you get press release information leaked to you from the PMO thats when. Otherwise you wait for it like the rest of us to appear as a Press Release or in the news.