Friday, March 24, 2006

Ralph Stalin Purges Alberta Cabinet

Lyle, Trotsky, Oberg dared to say the unspeakable against the Great Leader Joseph Klein err Ralph Stalin.

That maybe all was not well in mudville and the Volk should not give the Great Leader carte blanche come the Peoples Show Convention next month.

In a move straight out of the autarchs play book;The Great Leader got his Molotov, Deputy Premier;
Shirley McClellan, to call an emergency cabinet meeting of Zinovev's and Bukharins to purge Oberg-Trotsky from cabinet.

My gosh what fun we have in the one party state. The Great Leader was absent of course to make the purge look like it wasn't his idea.

Looking forward to show trials soon.

Alberta is one big flashback to the Thirties. First it's Ralph Bucks which was an idea from the old Socred days and now we have purges like in the old country.

S. P. Kolosov whose final fate is unknown expressed it in an anything but timid letter in 1937: "I am afraid to open my mouth. Whatever you say, if you say the wrong thing, you're an enemy of the people. Cowardice has become the norm."

What was that saying in French; Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Of course the difference between Uncle Joe and King Ralph is....the moustache.

But with comments like this Lyle better beware of Trotsky's fate.

"If I were the premier, I wouldn't want me as a backbencher,'' Oberg told the meeting, which was covered by the Brooks & County Chronicle newspaper. ``I know where the skeletons are.''

Oberg dumped
Calgary Sun, Canada -
EDMONTON -- Transportation Minister Lyle Oberg has been thrown out of the Tory caucus for six months for "inappropriate comments" which included threatening ...
Oberg stripped of cabinet post over Klein remarks
Oberg booted from cabinet for anti-Klein comments
Alberta Tories oust leadership contender Globe and Mail

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