Friday, April 28, 2006

Atlantis Discovered

Is this the discovery of Plato's Atlantis?

Volcanologist says past blast wiped out Plato's Atlantis

Olive tree rewrites classical history

Scientists have detected ash from the explosion as far away as Greenland, the Black Sea and Egypt. They have also discovered signs of frost damage caused by the volcano on preserved plant material excavated in Ireland and California.

That means that many of the cultures that researchers once assumed were trading with each other, may have existed at completely different times. In particular, researchers have generally thought that the civilisations on the islands of Crete, Cyprus and in Greece had many ties to Egypt.

But, the new timeline indicates that these civilisations may have been more tightly linked with cultures of the Levant, which today includes Israel, Lebanon and Syria. The cultures were contemporaneous with Egypt's Second Intermediate Period - when northern Egypt was controlled by a Canaanite dynasty with links to the Levant - instead of the subsequent New Kingdom.

It could also explain some anomalies that have long puzzled historians. For example, it's been speculated that there is a connection between Anat, a virgin goddess of war worshipped in the Levant, and Athena, one of the most important goddesses in Greek culture. Olive Branch Buried by Volcano Revises History

Of course there are other contenders as well, Cyprus and Ireland.

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bigcitylib said...

I'm tired of getting excited every time Atlantis is "discovered". For your crypto-archeological needs, I would currently recommend The Bosnian Pyramid, at www.bosnian

Incidentally, what ever happened to the "sunken city" off cuba that a Canadian ompany found back in 2001? Last I heard, it might have been old concrete blocks dumped by the soviets after the missile crisis.

bigcitylib said...

Sorry, its

eugene plawiuk said...

Actually the sunken city was also linked to the Bermuda Triangle by one author, and as you say it may be concrete blocks or concentric volcanic formations.

I see your Bosnian Pyramid made BBC, CNN and now the Independent