Sunday, April 23, 2006

Harpers Flag

Maybe this is the real reason Harper feels less patriotic about our Flag
See previous post.

Image courtesy andrew currie. A tip o' the blog and thanx for the use.

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steve said...

I'd like there to be a Federal lowering of the flag, but didn't the Legion and Veterans associations oppose it when Chretien started lowering the flag?

I think because no one had done this before for other soldiers.

eugene plawiuk said...

Actually the conflict with the Legions was they never lower their flags, just doff their hats when they go in the lounge to tipple a few brew. Which of course led to all kinds of racist stupidtiy over turbans a few years back.
So in 2003, check the link in the half mast flag graphic, the Legion Command realized it should get with the program on Nov 11 and lower the flags as the Government had done for years. A little opps there.