Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom

It's Earth Day be kind to your mother, no need to send her a card, just clean up your mess. Earth Day began after we saw our home from space and after we landed on the moon.

Thanks to the Space Race we came to a global conciousness of how small we are in the universe, and how important our planet is, hence the creation of Earth Day. It will be nice once we realize we are all Earthlings now. OPr to misquote JFK who launched the space race; Ich bin ein Erdenb├╝rger.

The problem we face is two fold, capitalism and nationalism. Both the creation of the Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century. Today in order to clean up their mess we must become more than internationalists we must become as
The Internationale says; the human race. One Planet, One People.

As I have blogged here recently we need an Industrial Ecology for the planet somethng that capitalism cannot and will not develop. It is a contradiction to continual expansion and profit taking. Which of course leads to entropy called by Marx the falling rate of profit.
James Lovelock and Gaia’s revenge

A successful greening economy, an industrial ecology of waste reduction and recycling, such as was done during War Rationing in WWII, with greening of end use, means a permanent fall in the rate of profit and an eventual steady state econonmic ecology; socialism by any other name.

Figure 3: Industrial Ecosystem at Kalundborg

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